Spring Ride and Float

Easter Sunday has been the best day so far this spring! Camas Road is still closed for cars and GTTSR at Lake McDougall Lodge. The bike ride turned out to be 70 miles (112km) to the end of the road and back- made for a happy day! The river is running beautifully. I think I might be done skiing!

McDonald Valley and Heavens Peak
looking towards Logan Pass
at the end of the road
McDonald Creek looking the Garden Wall just pas Avalanche Creek
North Fork at Camas Bridge
Mc Donald Creek at Red Rocks
near red rocks
floating the north fork

Bowman Lake

Calypsos and Clematis were out all along the Bowman Lake Trail

Bowman, Kintla and GTTSR

The first bike rides of the season are always a treat!

GTTSR The Third

This time around I almost didn’t make it to Oberlin Bend, where the plows were parked: one of my chain links broke just below Haystack Butte. I was looking at the prospect of limping my trusted Tourmallet back, not worried about the downhill but I had parked way back at Lake McDonald Lodge 🙁

As it happens first guy I asked for a chain breaker had one along and the ride and day was saved! Thank you Mike!

Besides bumping into friends I saw my share of flowers, sheep and a marmot.



Another great weekend for riding the Going-to-the-sun road. Besides Glacier Lilies this  



 time around we saw Trilliums, Spring Beauties, Paintbrushes and lots of varieties of violets. Three Bighorn Rams crossed the road just above the Weeping Wall, heading up, where else? Photos of the equipment, Clements Moutain and looking north up into the McDonald Valley and over Flattop Mountain.

Joff’s Journey- Call of the Road

The Penny Farthing World Tour continues..

Joff's Bowman Lake
Joff’s Bowman Lake
Joff's Selfie
Joff’s Selfie



I bumped into Joff on his first go around the world, eastbound in 2008 just outside of San Francisco and rode as far as the Grand Canyon with him. Joff is now on his second go around, this time westbound and made to Polebridge! It was fun catching up with him and I wished I’d be riding with him towards Mexico now!

Joff's Penny in front of the Green Zucchhini
Joff’s Penny in front of the Green Zucchhini
in front of the North Fork Hostel
in front of the North Fork Hostel

Going to the sun road

It’s just under 100 klicks from the Camas Bridge to Logan Creek round trip. That’s where the Hiker/ Biker closure was. The plows have made it about a mile plus past the loop. A good sunburn was the reward of this first day of May and my first daffodil flowered out! There were some good slides along the road, I’m excited to go further up now.







Spring Bike Riding

Going-To-The-Sun road is still only open to Lake McDonald Lodge, the Hiker/Biker closure is at Logan Pass. Camas Road is open for car traffic as well as the Kintla Lake Road from the Polebridge Entrance to the end of Big Prairie. Ranger word is that the Bowman Road will not open until May 22nd and the Kintla Road above Big Prairie is not scheduled to open until June 8th. So, the pavement makes some good road riding with little traffic this time of the year and then, there is always Bowman Lake!