Kintla Lake

Kintla’s ice was groaning! Sorry that I didn’t catch the sound effect- just imagine it!

Glacier View

There is nothing like winter excursion onto Glacier View. Here with Mike and Larry who were sharing the hike with me! Thanks for another great day in the North Fork!

Bowman Lake Forever

It’s icy, it’s rutted, it’s not great skiing- However, Bowman Lake is still there!

Another beautiful day at Bowman Lake

Redoing the website

As always this time of the year I’m doing some ” maintenance ” on the hostel website besides doing some on the proper place- so be patient with me if some things won’t work! Hopefully I can get it figured out before May… Happy New Year!

Alle Jahre wieder…

Autumn colors


Joff’s Journey- Call of the Road

The Penny Farthing World Tour continues..   I bumped into Joff on his first go around the world, eastbound in 2008 just outside of San Francisco and rode as far as the Grand Canyon with him. Joff is now on his second go around, this time westbound and made to Polebridge! It was fun catching up with him and I wished I’d be riding with him towards Mexico now!

Siyeh Pass

Hiking over Siyeh Pass I came across a billy goat just below the pass and some bighorn sheep below the rim rock. Views down Boulder Creek, St. Mary Lake and Sexton Glacier made it a pretty nice east side hike!

Coal Ridge Cabin

Coal Ridge

Al ways a pleasant hike up to Coal Ridge! Thte cabin has gotten some use and work done by the looks of it. Made my way over to Moran Peak from where I could see down to Polebridge!