GTTSR The Third

This time around I almost didn’t make it to Oberlin Bend, where the plows were parked: one of my chain links broke just below Haystack Butte. I was looking at the prospect of limping my trusted Tourmallet back, not worried about the downhill but I had parked way back at Lake McDonald Lodge 🙁

As it happens first guy I asked for a chain breaker had one along and the ride and day was saved! Thank you Mike!

Besides bumping into friends I saw my share of flowers, sheep and a marmot.



Another great weekend for riding the Going-to-the-sun road. Besides Glacier Lilies this  



 time around we saw Trilliums, Spring Beauties, Paintbrushes and lots of varieties of violets. Three Bighorn Rams crossed the road just above the Weeping Wall, heading up, where else? Photos of the equipment, Clements Moutain and looking north up into the McDonald Valley and over Flattop Mountain.

It makes me weep

plenty of snow up here

all the way to the weeping wall, which wasn’t weeping at all. Can’t help it but Going-to-the-sun road is probably the best bike ride around. Glacier Lilies are out, a small brown black bear was feeding alongside the road just below the tunnel by the loop and likeminded people all around riding their bikes. I busted my rear derailleur on my mountain bike during the last ride to Bowman Lake so it is road biking for a bit and I don’t mind it at all. Here is a panorama from just around the corner of the weeping wall and some other shots, just a great day to be up here!

The Divide
Looking at the Divide
riding by a small black bear
feeding along Going-to-the-sun road
how far the plows got by last Sunday


Glacier View

There is nothing like winter excursion onto Glacier View. Here with Mike and Larry who were sharing the hike with me! Thanks for another great day in the North Fork!