First Bike Ride into Big Prairie

Here is a take of the restored McCarthy Homestead on Big Prairie. Excellent day for the first bike ride of the season, the inside north fork road is still very, very muddy and snow covered but sure beats what we had for the last couple of months as far as bike riding goes. There are also still plenty of snow and ice patches on the road, I didn’t make it past the turnoff to the juniper tree. It’s melting fast but in case you’re up for a muddy ride… 

Big Prairie

Also all the snow has melted off the bottoms and a bluebird day makes us all smile. I bring my camera along now since I saw a bunch of elk bulls on my last run, no such luck today but still not bad, right?

Muddy Paw

This print I saw this morning out running in Big Prairie is not very big, sorry I also didn’t have anything with me for comparison but as clear and sharp an indicator that the bears are out wondering about this beautiful place.