Winter views from Demers Ridge

Glorious Day, near perfect conditions, enjoyable every which way you look.

across the way in Glacier
Looking towards Logging and Dutch Creek Drainages
Looking up the North Fork from Demers
Looking into the upper North Fork of the Flathead from Demers Ridge
Demers Ridge
Demers Ridge
View from Demers towards Mt. Brown
View towards Mt. Brown from Demers Ridge



Early March at Bowman Lake

The sun is already pretty strong this time of the year and there were three wolves taking a nap in the sun way out on Bowman Lake, I mean way, way out there! Unfortunately you can’t make them out in the photos, even with binoculars they were barely recognizable for what they are. We also saw a raven feeding on what looked like a kill on the north shore of the lake.

Bowman Lake

Clouds can be quite dramatic on Bowman Lake.

Snow has been crusty on top most of this month but there has been plenty enough to ski over most downfall and brush.

Not a lot of fresh tracks on my skies this year so far but for the usual suspects: deer and elk.

Bowman Lake.jpg