Spring Ride and Float

Easter Sunday has been the best day so far this spring! Camas Road is still closed for cars and GTTSR at Lake McDougall Lodge. The bike ride turned out to be 70 miles (112km) to the end of the road and back- made for a happy day! The river is running beautifully. I think I might be done skiing!

McDonald Valley and Heavens Peak
looking towards Logan Pass
at the end of the road
McDonald Creek looking the Garden Wall just pas Avalanche Creek
North Fork at Camas Bridge
Mc Donald Creek at Red Rocks
near red rocks
floating the north fork

Glacier View II

One month later we are back on Glacier View, this time plus the view and still plenty of snow on top to have fun on the way down. The wildflowers: are getting started big time and it looks like an awesome summer for wildflower lovers! Things are warming up in general but this was an exceptionally warm day, even on top we were baking in the sun – which is a first this year. Here is Tony from Cleveland who joined me for the slog up to the top: 

Spring in the Mountains

Blue, the dog and I headed up to Glacier View today while Oliver, the cat stayed home cleaning and minding the top bunk in the greenhouse. As spring days go in the mountains there was just enough snow to tease us out on the trail..
hardly hit the snow when we stumbled upon a trail made by some creature just woken from a lengthy slumber and ambling through the bright mountain-scape. As we kept on the skies darkened and Blue started to question my sanity:
but once on top even the old lady is taking it in, even so there is no view but plenty of the stuff that makes glaciers. It blew so hard that our tracks were blown in a matter of minutes: spring in the mountains!