Bowman, Kintla and GTTSR

The first bike rides of the season are always a treat!

Kintla Lake and Brown Pass

This post features a photo of the head of Bowman Lake. The Columbines are seen on the way to Brown Pass as well as the tree hit by a good sized rock. Plenty of shots of the waterfalls coming out of Hole-in-the-wall plus the snow covered hanging valley it comes from. Also, on a recent bike ride to Kintla Lake, which was beautifully calm for a change I took some photos of sticky geraniums, balsam root, paint brush, lupines and the north fork river.
balsam root North Fork of the Flathead lupine and paintbrush great reflection on Kintla Lake rare day of no wind on Kintla Lake sticky geranium looking at hole-in-the-wall closeup of the falls tree that got hit by this big boulder hole-in-the-wall campground all under snow columbines on the way to Brown Pass head of Bowman Lake

Ride to Kintla Lake

If you don’t mind to hike a few patches of snow, which probably will be gone shortly, Kintla Lake makes a beautiful bike ride this time of the year. You can drive half way up if you prefer not to ride all the way from Polebridge, but that’s missing half the fun!Kintla Lake Kintla Lake from outlet Kintla Lake road near Ford Cabin

Biking up to Kintla Lake



This must have been one of my earliest rides to Kintla Lake ever, the road was beautifully dry and smooth, what a treat!

I was still huffing and puffing every little hill…

Two elk bulls in Round Prairie- minus antlers!



Here is the new Kintla Creek Bridge under construction…

to be finished before summer gets going…