just a few things…

…that are good to know:

Check in between 5:30 PM and 9 PM

Make prior arrangements if you need a late check-in!

Check out before 10 AM

Please, leave room or cabin as you found it.

Electricity: We get our power from the sun but our system is fairly small. We encourage you to use the electric lights (especially until you get used to the  propane lights) and prefer it in the wash and shower room. Please, always turn OFF after use. Charging power for your devices only works during the power hour. (check with Oliver, usually between 7 & 8 PM)
Shower hours: 7 AM to 10 AM and 5 PM to 10 PM (Hot water not always available)  The shower has electric light, you find the switch to the left of the light fixtures above the sink.  Please conserve water: We are in a fragile environment: Low groundwater table & flood plains, so limit your time and water use, be respectful to those after you and use squeegee after each use; Please keep shower door propped open so air can circulate. Shower for hostel guests only.
Kitchen hours: 7 AM to 10 AM and 5 PM to 10 PM (Please, respect quiet times) Always clean up after yourself and be respectful to others; There is a guest refrigerators for your use in the kitchen, please mark and date all your food and mark “free” if you leave foodstuff behind, so it can be safely shared with other guests. Wash all your dishes, wipe counter and stove top immediately after use! Use blue tubs. Wash, Rinse, Sanitize. Help conserve water and energy!
Please recycle: Tin & aluminum cans, plastic bottles #1 & #2 in blue recycle bin – rinse out first. Paper products can go in paper bag; Glass bottles in card board box, there is no glass recycling but it makes life easier as we have to haul garbage to Columbia Falls; Absolutely no cooked or processed FOOD scraps in compost pail – only coffee, tea and raw, uncooked matters (in doubt throw in trash or ask Oliver). Remember this is bear country!
How to light propane lamps: Please familiarize yourself with them first and ask for assistance if in doubt: First light match (make sure you have a solid and big flame) hold it to the mantle (make sure only the flame, not the match, is touching the mantle) and turn gas on (lever/ knob on side of lamp) For your safety, do not turn gas on first and do not blow out! Oliver loves to show you how to light the lamps safely!
Sheets and Towels are normally not provided but are available (Ask for help) for a fee! Always use bedding or sleeping bags! Pillow cases (No charge) are next to the kitchen in the Hallway; Please return pillow cases and sheets to hamper after use. Hang towels to dry.
Toilets are Outhouses! You find them in backyard, there is also a urinal! Only toilet paper and human waste goes down the hole! Absolutely no plastic or hygiene products in pit please, they belong in the trash! Keep lid closed to keep smell down and remember: Changing toilet paper rolls does not cause brain damage!

4 thoughts on “just a few things…

  1. My stay at the hostel was fantastic. I met a lot of great people, loved making meals in a clean, well-stocked kitchen and seeing parts of Glacier that few people visit.

  2. hope i will make it to your place (late july), for it sounds like heaven! Do i need to bring food with me, or do you sell stuff at the hostel or a store nearby? (i’ll be hitchhiking and prefer not to carry food….bears might like me too much) inge from amsterdam

    1. Hi Inge,
      we don’t sell food at the hostel, but the Polebridge Mercantile offers some groceries and the Northern Lights Saloon serves evening meals nearby. So, you should be ok for a few days.
      Hope you will make it, Oliver

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