Charlie Wise Homestead

The original Charlie Wise homestead from circa 1918. The log outhouse was featured in a book of outhouses, as well as a magazine for Montana State University. Newspaper article about Charlie Wise are in picture frames on the wall of the South Cabin.

Occupancy 2-4 people.

one master bedroom with double bed and living room with antique, oak double bed from the 1800’s

and a hide-a-bed, that can be used in front of the fireplace
“stuffed” easy chairs, couch and cocktail table
wood heater dated 1898, rock fireplace

screen and utensils
small tables, freestanding coat rack
propane lights and propane refrigerator
one Irish, wood cooking range and propane range for cooking and baking

wooden kitchen table and chairs
silverware, sharp knives, steel skillets, cast iron skillets, dishpans, coffee cups, large plates, drinking cups, small pots, coffee pot, cooking pots, cookie sheets, pie pans, shallow baking pans, hot pads

cold running water in summer (not potable – boil 5 minutes) Persons using the cabins do not have a safe drinking water supply available on premises; drinking water is available at the North Fork Hostel – ¾ mile (1.2 km) away. Containers must be brought with you to obtain safe drinking water at the North Fork Hostel

solar shower during sunny days next to the log home

stocked woodshed

unique log outhouse

For Your Information (Charlie Wise Homestead)

Water is not potable, please boil for five minutes- you also can get drinking water at the hostel. Dish washing:
wash (warm soapy water)
Rinse (cold water)
Sanitize (cold water + ½ cap bleach)
Please wash and put away all dishes.

Please do not leave water in pots during freezing weather. They will freeze and break.

It is best to tell us if the propane refrigerator is acting up. They are tricky to deal with.

To light Kitchen Wood stove: After laying paper and kindling in cooking range, put lit piece of paper in little door at base of stovepipe, you will smoke yourself out.

To start fire in Wood stove open flap at air vent briefly, but after fire is going well, turn open draft about one turn at most. Never close air vent completely.

To set fire for the night or when it becomes too warm, open back draft on floor. It acts like a damper and slows down fire. Use clothes pins at bottom to keep back draft open.

Please replace firewood and kindling in the cabin for the next person.

How to light propane lights: please first light match or lighter and hold it near (touch with the flame and not the match) the mantle inside the glass bowl and than turn gas on, mantles are fragile. Do not turn gas on first. To extinguish, turn gas off.

Solar shower is located south of the South cabin. Use during warmth of day for best results.

If you need supplies for the outhouse or find any problems, please let us at the hostel know.

Pack in and Pack out!
Please take out all your garbage and trash! Do not leave any of it outside! This is grizzly country!

Note: Please leave the place like you found it, so we can maintain our low rates.
If the cabin requires cleaning after use or any trash needs to be removed we will share you for the service.

Thank you for your cooperation!


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