Deer leg on Bowman Lake

It was one of those days, way out of reach of the camera’s eye but well within reach of the binocular: I spent over an hour watching the instigators of this poor little deer’s demise; I watched the four where they were way down the middle of the frozen lake, napping and dozing, rolling in the snow and wrestling with each other, scratching and stretching, napping some more and another stretch for good measures. It was one of those days..deerleg on Bowman Lake

Cyclone Lookout

pretty blistery on top View of frozen Bowman Lake and Polebridge from Cyclone Lookout view south from Cyclone LookoutHere is Oliver on a great outing to Cyclone Lookout, just a little south of Polebridge. Great views reveal the frozen Bowman Lake with little sleepy Polebridge in the Foreground. The view towards the south shows the lower part of the North Fork Valley and some more of the Glacier Peaks, all capped by the cloud ceiling.