a look back in time

These are photos from George McFarland; the hostel building was still on big prairie inside the park, it only shows the corner of the building but you can easily recognize it if you are familiar with the place. I’m not sure on the dates of the photographs but would put them into the fifties. In […]

Biking up to Kintla Lake

    This must have been one of my earliest rides to Kintla Lake ever, the road was beautifully dry and smooth, what a treat! I was still huffing and puffing every little hill… Two elk bulls in Round Prairie- minus antlers!     Here is the new Kintla Creek Bridge under construction… to be […]

Ride to Logging Creek Ranger Station

  The south fork of  logging creek is on the move across the inside road again, I think I’ll wear sandals next time I head further south. Good bike riding so far this spring, roads are drying quickly, there is still the occasional ice patch and log to jump. Over the logs I actually get […]