• Thank you for a Great 2016

    to all of You wonderful people. Hold on tight for 2017 will be a heck of a ride!

  • The Hostel

    Located in the North Fork Valley just west of Glacier National Park, the North Fork Hostel offers guests a choice of accommodations in an old-fashioned, homey atmosphere. It is a place to get away, relax, meet new friends and enjoy the beauty of Glacier National Park and the Flathead National Forest.

  • Square Peg Ranch

    Go backwards in time when you stay at historic Square Peg Ranch. The name Square Peg goes back to the 1940’s and possibly the 30’s. The owner’s name was Peggy Causey who was apparently quite a character – her children said she was a “square peg in a round hole”, hence the name Square Peg Ranch.

  • Stay with us

    Our online reservation manager will let you check availability and make a reservation all in one convenient location.

  • Tipis and Cabins

    For a little more plush camping we have a tipi available that sports a double bed but still has a dirt floor and lets you experience all the night sounds. A small fire is possible if we are not in the middle of a forest fire season.

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