Cyclone Lookout

Here is Oliver on a great outing to Cyclone Lookout, just a little south of Polebridge. Great views reveal the frozen Bowman Lake with little sleepy Polebridge in the Foreground. The view towards the south shows the lower part of the North Fork Valley and some more of the Glacier Peaks, all capped by the […]

Polebridge Class

Photo Brenda Ahearn/The Daily Inter Lake By JIM MANN/The Daily Inter Lake   Through most of the long winter, the North Fork Flathead River drainage is a quiet snow-covered landscape of solitude for those who live there. But for just one week, it is stirred to life. The tiny townsite of Polebridge transforms as smoke […]

Happy Whatchamacallit!

I’ve been told that if you change your mind, you change the world – or at least the way you experience it. Let’s take a moment to examine that. The presumption is if you thought the world was a hostile, ugly place filled with awful people doing awful things, that is what you’d see. Your […]