Red Meadow Road

Came across this guy on my ride down red meadow road. I was curious how far you can get and I turned around a little past the 8 Mile marker where the snow started to cover the whole width of the road. One probably could get as far as the bridge or even further pushing through some snow… To be tried again!


North Fork Park Update

Glacier National Park swung two gates open yesterday morning;

– One will get you full access to everything Bowman.

– the other will get you as far south as Logging Creek along the Inside NF Road.

The Bowman CG remains in primitive status ($10/night) until the water gets turned on Thursday ($15/night). The lake water is “up”.

Expect 3+ miles of post-holing snow along the Quartz Loop. The last two miles of the Numa LO Trail will also grant you a post-holing experience. The Logging Creek Trail is in pretty good condition. Bowman Head, Quartz, Lower Quartz, Logging Foot and Adair can all be placed in summer status. Grace is still under snow.

All creeks and the river are running very high. Stream crossing should be avoided if possible due to the hazard.

Logging Creek is trying to take out the roadway again south of the Logging Creek RS. Crossing that section of roadway is not advised on foot, on bike or in vehicle. So far, Logging Creek is avoiding the Logging Creek auto CG.

Kintla is not scheduled to open until June 13th.

Logging and Quartz auto campgrounds are slated to open July 1st.


Going to the sun road

It’s just under 100 klicks from the Camas Bridge to Logan Creek round trip. That’s where the Hiker/ Biker closure was. The plows have made it about a mile plus past the loop. A good sunburn was the reward of this first day of May and my first daffodil flowered out! There were some good slides along the road, I’m excited to go further up now.







Spring Bike Riding

Going-To-The-Sun road is still only open to Lake McDonald Lodge, the Hiker/Biker closure is at Logan Pass. Camas Road is open for car traffic as well as the Kintla Lake Road from the Polebridge Entrance to the end of Big Prairie. Ranger word is that the Bowman Road will not open until May 22nd and the Kintla Road above Big Prairie is not scheduled to open until June 8th. So, the pavement makes some good road riding with little traffic this time of the year and then, there is always Bowman Lake!