Going to the sun road


It’s just under 100 klicks from the Camas Bridge to Logan Creek round trip. That’s where the Hiker/ Biker closure was. The plows have made it about a mile plus past the loop. A good sunburn was the reward of

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Spring Floating


The river is inviting again, there was a prescribed burn on Big Prairie, oh, and some northern lights last night… Life is good.

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Spring Bike Riding


Going-To-The-Sun road is still only open to Lake McDonald Lodge, the Hiker/Biker closure is at Logan Pass. Camas Road is open for car traffic as well as the Kintla Lake Road from the Polebridge Entrance to the end of Big

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Bowman Lake


One just never gets tired of it:

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Skiing the river

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Still winter in the North Fork


Snow is piling up on the hostel front porch

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Ski to Bowman with Erna and Janice

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Seven Years University of Montana’s Polebridge class!


Photos courtesy of Sarah Halvorson and Suzie Graetz.

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Glacier View


Always a great hike/ snowshoe up the mountain:

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Happy Holidays,


and a happy New Year!

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