Plowing Equipment on Going-to-the-sun road


Another great weekend for riding the Going-to-the-sun road. Besides Glacier Lilies this time around we saw Trilliums, Spring Beauties, Paintbrushes and lots of varieties of violets. Three Bighorn Rams crossed the road just above the Weeping Wall, heading up, where else? Photos of the equipment, Clements Moutain and looking north up into the McDonald Valley and over Flattop Mountain. Rotary Plow on the sun roadLooking north on the sun road, Vulture,…


It makes me weep

all the way to the weeping wall, which wasn’t weeping at all. Can’t help it but Going-to-the-sun road is probably the best bike ride around. Glacier Lilies are out, a small brown black bear was feeding alongside the road just below the tunnel by the loop and likeminded people all around riding their bikes. I busted my rear derailleur on my mountain bike during the last ride to Bowman Lake so…


First bike ride up to Bowman Lake

there is still some snow cover on the road, especially in the shaded sections past the ’88 burn but the riding is fast and fun, most of it has dried up already!


Big Prairie in the spring

Bluebirds, Killdeer, Redtails, gobs of elk and deer, that’s big prairie this time of year. You can see Rainbow rising back to the left


Kintla Lake

Kintla’s ice was groaning! Sorry that I didn’t catch the sound effect- just imagine it!


Glacier View

There is nothing like winter excursion onto Glacier View. Here with Mike and Larry who were sharing the hike with me! Thanks for another great day in the North Fork!


Bowman Lake Forever

It’s icy, it’s rutted, it’s not great skiing- However, Bowman Lake is still there!

Bowman Lake Panorama

Another beautiful day at Bowman Lake


Redoing the website

As always this time of the year I’m doing some ” maintenance ” on the hostel website besides doing some on the proper place- so be patient with me if some things won’t work! Hopefully I can get it figured out before May… Happy New Year!


Alle Jahre wieder…