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Our mission is to provide the best possible experience and create a sanctuary for all people without causing unnecessary harm and educate and inspire our guests with solutions to our environmental and social crisis.

Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell

~ Edward Abbey

A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone.

~ Henry David Thoreau

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About Us

Located in the North Fork Valley just west of Glacier National Park, the North Fork Hostel offers guests a choice of accommodations in an old-fashioned, old world atmosphere. It’s a place to get away, relax, meet new friends and enjoy the beauty of Glacier National Park and the Flathead National Forest.

Propane lights brighten your nights (there’s no electricity in Polebridge). Although the area is off the power grid, the hostel has a solar system to recharge digital camera batteries and access WiFi during the power hour. A propane cooking range and refrigerators are available to make your food preparation easier after you have spent an exciting day exploring the area.

Visitors from all around the world enjoy our facilities. It is not uncommon to begin your day by having a fascinating conversation with travelers from other countries while enjoying your morning coffee.

All guests may use the amenities of the hostel. These include a living room, shower, and kitchen and refrigerator facilities.

Your friendly hostelmeister is Oliver. He has traveled the world extensively and understands hosteller’s needs. He is fluent in English, German. You can make reservations online, by email or give Oliver a call at the hostel.

Where to stay

Square Peg Ranch

Go backwards in time when you stay at historic Square Peg Ranch. The name Square Peg goes back to the 1940’s and possibly the 30’s. The owner’s name was Peggy Causey who was apparently quite a character – her children said she was a “square peg in a round hole”, hence the name Square Peg Ranch. (more…)

The Hostel

A large downstairs shared living room, a warm and pleasant, fully-equipped community kitchen and the spiffiest outhouses on the North Fork. (The interior art is interesting — look for John’s college diploma.) (more…)

Camping and Tipis

You set up your own tent and still have access to all amenities.
$20 + 7% per person.

For a little more plush camping we have a tipi available that sports a double bed but still has a dirt floor and lets you experience all the night sounds. (more…)

Happy Customers

Loved our stay at the Square Peg Cabin, a rustic homestead a stone’s throw from the Polebridge Mercantile. (more…)

Francis San Francisco on TripAdvisor

There’s something about this place that seems to bring out the best in people–I didn’t meet an unfriendly face in the whole week I spent here. (more…)

Sandi L. Lansdale, PA on TripAdvisor

Oliver’s Blog

Your Hosts


Likes to hang out in the shower and washroom but is also quite content on the river, creeks and lakes. Tends to get cranky if you don’t clean up after yourself, loves it if you read all the signs. Favourite place to take a nap: the slough behind the hostel.


Likes being outside, anything chocolate and good company. Tends to get cranky if he doesn’t get out to hike, bike, float or anything outdoors, loves it if you have a good time outdoors. Favourite place to take a nap: on a mountain top.


Likes milk and live food, long naps in sunny windowsills, and knocking pens off tables. Tends to get cranky when people don’t open the doors for him, loves it if you touch his tummy. Favourite places to take a nap: upstairs bunk and in the greenhouse.

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